Simone Frances is from the northeastern United States and currently lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received her Master of Fine Arts in photography from the University of New Mexico in 2019.


How do systems and infrastructures obtain functionality through our participation? How do public environments work to sustain and reiterate meaning through our own sense of where we should be, or where we are allowed? What do infrastructures need from us? And who are the deciding parties?

Our abilities to move and function in society become limited and advanced by our physical placement in the private and public space. These abilities are designs, systems are conductors, but I think they also need us. 

Whose being is free to have a non-physical understanding of the world? What designs have we created that allow such an embodiment of exemption. Who grows up in culture mostly concerned with the security of one’s body and who does not, or rather why?